A Restoration

Characters: Meg & hopefully Erik, but open to any/all
Canon: Movie (AU)
Notes: The Opera Populaire is under new management and is in the process of being restored to its former glory.

The scents of soot and sawdust mingled as workmen did their best to repair, or in some cases replace, the blackened rafters, catwalks and parts of the stage. Two years ago, disaster had befallen the Opera Populaire in the form of an enormous fire. What hadn't been destroyed by the fire had been left open to the elements. Mold, pigeons and other vermin had laid claim on the ruins, and looters had taken their toll as well. But just as mysteriously as the fire had gutted the theater, a new manager had taken control and summarily begun work on the restoration.

It was strange to stand upon the stage once more, and Meg's blonde head was tilted back to stare up in wonder at the newly-restored ceiling rafters. In the intervening years, she had gone on countless auditions to other ballet companies around Paris, but regardless of her talents, none would have her. They were simply too superstitious. No one wanted her because of her association with the fallen Opera Populare as they believed the same fate would befall them. Both she and her mother had been at the ends of their combined ropes when word came that the theater they had once called home was being restored.

Bittersweet memories filled her mind as she walked amid the sawhorses and fresh lumber. She remembered her first, and last, performance there, the friends she had gained, and lost. But most of all, Meg remembered him. Perhaps she was too headstrong and willful, but she had never feared him. Respected, surely, but never feared. She admired his talents, and had always been a tinge jealous of his student. Though, that was neither here nor there as she was now married with a life of her own, away from the theater. Thankfully.

Now, however, Meg couldn't help but wonder if perhaps he would return with the restoration of his opera house. She couldn't resist turning her head towards Box Five, hoping to catch a fleeting glimpse of him. Perhaps now, she might finally be noticed.

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Characters: Open
Canon: Any
Notes: A new person arrives in Paris after a long convalescence. What better way to celebrate a new life and good health than to visit the city and its famous opera house?

It was still a marvel to be able to breathe, to be able to move around as she pleased and not be confined to her bed. The quiet and warmth of her villa in the south had been welcome at the beginning of her illness, but it had not been long before she felt she was beginning to languish even further, in her enforced idleness.

Lady Shelly had never been one to enjoy idleness.

The carriage pulled up before the opera house, and she could not help but smile as she accepted the footman's hand down. It had been over a year since her last venture to the opera. She had missed the music terribly.

[ooc: Hi! Litha, here, with fresh meat. I know the group's been quiet for months, but I thought I'd see if anyone felt like playing. Shelly will no doubt want to explore the entire opera house, over the course of the evening, so just let me know the location in your tag and I'll follow suite!]
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Characters: Daroga, Erik
Canon: Leroux-ish
Notes: Pre-novel days, the meeting of Erik and the Persian.

If the world were a tapestry, and all its varied people threads running together through the countless interactions of life, Nizny-Novgorod would have a pattern uniquely its own, and made up of threads seemingly from every corner of the earth and with every color and design. Russian farmers and politicians, with their long beards and large coats, European businessmen and tourists shouting to make themselves understood, traders from Asia and the Middle East, trails of servants, carts full of peasants, all taking advantage of the city’s reputation as a center of trade and commerce.

But for some, the draw and attraction of the city did not end in the marketplaces and factories. Side streets led into muddy courtyards which led into twisting alleys and staircases. Along these paths were rows of packed public houses and dingy storehouses, cafes, market stalls, even carts attended by round-shouldered old men who hawked their wares during the daylight hours and wheeled them into a corner at night. Along the walls and on the occasional lamp post were posters advertising the various attractions to be found in the city, ranging in legitimacy and legality. One of these posters described a great magician, whose show “removed the barrier between life and death.” “Come and witness amazing feats which no other magician DARES to attempt!” the poster proclaimed.

These posters eventually led to a muddier, dimmer section of town where several boarding houses boarded on a grassy lot. At the edge of this lot a large tent had been erected, and despite its humble surroundings, it managed to give off a gaudy, vibrant vibe, which clearly proclaimed it the tent of an entertainer. It being too early in the day for a performance, the street was relatively deserted, except for an old lady sitting on the steps of one of the lodging houses, peeling potatoes.

Can't you see?

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Characters: Open
Canon: Open
Notes: A bored Time Lord is wandering around the opera house, poking his nose into everything and probably annoying people.

The Detective did not often attend the opera; to his mind, it was generally a waste of time as the performance was more often than not awful compared to what he could do with a violin in the early hours of the morning.

Not that he was vain, you understand. Perish the thought.

He'd arrived in the Paris opera house mostly be accident, however, and it had been about five minutes before he first heard of the Opera Ghost.

Well, never let it be said that he could not make his own entertainment, even if he had already decided that the 'case' would not be worth his interest in the end.
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Characters: Raoul de Chagny and Erik
Canon: ALW 2004 movie
Notes: Playing with AU where Erik and Raoul are *gasp* friends. Plot idea here.

The last notes are sung and played, the curtain falls, and the audience applauds. Now that the first act has ended, Raoul turns a little to the darkness in the corner of the box. He rarely actually sees Erik, but he knows he's there, and it only feels right to look at him when they talk. Disregarding the fact that Raoul is one of the very few friends the mysterious masked man has, he's also just musically educated enough to be worthy of discussing the operas with Erik. So, they see shows together and they talk. During the intermissions, of course. Erik didn't take kindly to distractions during the show, as Raoul had found out early on.

There was something Raoul was eager to bring up to see what Erik thought, but he held out to see if Erik would bring it up himself. "Your thoughts?"
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Characters: Erik and the Persian
Canon: Leroux-ish
Notes: Tagged to daroga

The blackness of the Paris Opera House's lower cellars was broken only by the occasional flickering glimmer from distantly set lamps, leaving long sections of unbroken, impenetrable darkness. What light there was threw moving shadows against the walls, like trembling ghosts. The twists and turns had no obvious direction, their paths known only to those workers whose business took them below the more habitable upper levels. Any visitor to these narrow, damp spaces would have been well advised to bring his own source of light as well as a healthy dose of courage.

The echoes and rumbles of various sounds from within the building's bowels formed an ebb and flow of background noise, all too muffled to distinguish their exact nature or origin. Only one sound made a notable exception: the sound of a lantern swinging carelessly, the unoiled iron squeaking in soft protest as the chamber rocked back and forth. The light from the lantern, held low, didn’t quite reach to its owner's shadowy face, illuminating instead his formal attire and dark shoes, which tread so noiselessly across the floor, he almost seemed to be gliding, ghostlike himself.

Abruptly, this 'apparition' stopped and spoke. "You can come out now," he said into the darkness.

Party Post

Characters: ALL OF THEM
Notes: ALL OF THEM Open party post, and I mean open. All characters of all canons, and it doesn't matter if there's more than one incarnation running around.

To start off the month of December, the Palais Garnier/Opera Populaire is putting on L'elisir d'amore (The Elixer of Love). The cast and crew are sure to be very busy during the day, rehearsing and putting together costumes, props, and set pieces. After the show, there is a grand party to celebrate the success of the show. But something odd is afoot. Are some people a little different than others remember them being? Or, perhaps, they are sure that they just saw that person only a moment ago in an entirely different place...
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Characters: Erik and Christine
Canon: 2004 movie
Notes: It's a pime taradox!

Erik was still getting accustomed to the sights and sounds and twists and turns of the Populaire. It was becoming easier to navigate, the longer the little sack boy was there. Plans had already been made in his head. If he had the money and the tools, what exciting labyrinths he could build here. Since he had neither, he would be content with simply navigating the halls and becoming intimately familiar with what he now called home.

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Characters: Erik, Gustave, and Raoul
Canon: Love Never Dies
Notes: This post

Everything has come back to where this whole mess began: Paris. How poetic.

Raoul had only managed to get passage back across the ocean by begging his parents for boat fare, which was grudgingly given, considering his past indiscretions with the family's money. Going into details over what had happened at Coney Island to them was not a pleasant experience, even after skipping over Phantom related details. The Comte de Chagny had a few things to say about letting his wife run off with another man, letting her take their son with her, and losing the boy after Christine's tragic death. At least he approved of Raoul having tracked Guatave and the man who'd taken him in back to Paris. Perhaps it was a sign that Raoul was finally going to be more responsible.

Raoul's motives were a little more complex than that. While he genuinely did want to take Gustave back, he was more intent on getting the child away from the reason all of this had happened: Erik, the former Phantom of the Opera. It had taken yet more time to track down where Erik and Gustave had gone once they reached Paris, but find out he did. Now Raoul is at their door, about to take back what he thinks is rightfully his.