Little Raoul de Chagny (littlestvicomte) wrote in phantales,
Little Raoul de Chagny

Characters: Raoul de Chagny and Erik
Canon: 2004 Movie
Notes: This plot

The opera house is no place for children. Especially not the children of the new patrons, but Raoul had insisted loudly that he get to go with Papa and see the opera house. He soon regretted this when it turned out that visiting the opera house meant he wasn't to go any farther than a foot from his father, who kept a hand on his shoulder at all times. As much as he twisted and craned his neck, it was only so interesting to only be able to look and not go see everything up close.
Tags: @plot, [au] age down, [character] erik, [character] raoul de chagny
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