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Not pony tails or cotton tails

Phantales: A Phantom of the Opera Roleplay Game

Party Post
opera_ghosts wrote in phantales
Characters: ALL OF THEM
Notes: ALL OF THEM Open party post, and I mean open. All characters of all canons, and it doesn't matter if there's more than one incarnation running around.

To start off the month of December, the Palais Garnier/Opera Populaire is putting on L'elisir d'amore (The Elixer of Love). The cast and crew are sure to be very busy during the day, rehearsing and putting together costumes, props, and set pieces. After the show, there is a grand party to celebrate the success of the show. But something odd is afoot. Are some people a little different than others remember them being? Or, perhaps, they are sure that they just saw that person only a moment ago in an entirely different place...