December 30th, 2010

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Characters: Raoul de Chagny and Erik
Canon: ALW 2004 movie
Notes: Playing with AU where Erik and Raoul are *gasp* friends. Plot idea here.

The last notes are sung and played, the curtain falls, and the audience applauds. Now that the first act has ended, Raoul turns a little to the darkness in the corner of the box. He rarely actually sees Erik, but he knows he's there, and it only feels right to look at him when they talk. Disregarding the fact that Raoul is one of the very few friends the mysterious masked man has, he's also just musically educated enough to be worthy of discussing the operas with Erik. So, they see shows together and they talk. During the intermissions, of course. Erik didn't take kindly to distractions during the show, as Raoul had found out early on.

There was something Raoul was eager to bring up to see what Erik thought, but he held out to see if Erik would bring it up himself. "Your thoughts?"