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Not pony tails or cotton tails

Phantales: A Phantom of the Opera Roleplay Game

A Restoration
belle_danseur wrote in phantales
Characters: Meg & hopefully Erik, but open to any/all
Canon: Movie (AU)
Notes: The Opera Populaire is under new management and is in the process of being restored to its former glory.

The scents of soot and sawdust mingled as workmen did their best to repair, or in some cases replace, the blackened rafters, catwalks and parts of the stage. Two years ago, disaster had befallen the Opera Populaire in the form of an enormous fire. What hadn't been destroyed by the fire had been left open to the elements. Mold, pigeons and other vermin had laid claim on the ruins, and looters had taken their toll as well. But just as mysteriously as the fire had gutted the theater, a new manager had taken control and summarily begun work on the restoration.

It was strange to stand upon the stage once more, and Meg's blonde head was tilted back to stare up in wonder at the newly-restored ceiling rafters. In the intervening years, she had gone on countless auditions to other ballet companies around Paris, but regardless of her talents, none would have her. They were simply too superstitious. No one wanted her because of her association with the fallen Opera Populare as they believed the same fate would befall them. Both she and her mother had been at the ends of their combined ropes when word came that the theater they had once called home was being restored.

Bittersweet memories filled her mind as she walked amid the sawhorses and fresh lumber. She remembered her first, and last, performance there, the friends she had gained, and lost. But most of all, Meg remembered him. Perhaps she was too headstrong and willful, but she had never feared him. Respected, surely, but never feared. She admired his talents, and had always been a tinge jealous of his student. Though, that was neither here nor there as she was now married with a life of her own, away from the theater. Thankfully.

Now, however, Meg couldn't help but wonder if perhaps he would return with the restoration of his opera house. She couldn't resist turning her head towards Box Five, hoping to catch a fleeting glimpse of him. Perhaps now, she might finally be noticed.