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Notes: A new person arrives in Paris after a long convalescence. What better way to celebrate a new life and good health than to visit the city and its famous opera house?

It was still a marvel to be able to breathe, to be able to move around as she pleased and not be confined to her bed. The quiet and warmth of her villa in the south had been welcome at the beginning of her illness, but it had not been long before she felt she was beginning to languish even further, in her enforced idleness.

Lady Shelly had never been one to enjoy idleness.

The carriage pulled up before the opera house, and she could not help but smile as she accepted the footman's hand down. It had been over a year since her last venture to the opera. She had missed the music terribly.

[ooc: Hi! Litha, here, with fresh meat. I know the group's been quiet for months, but I thought I'd see if anyone felt like playing. Shelly will no doubt want to explore the entire opera house, over the course of the evening, so just let me know the location in your tag and I'll follow suite!]
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