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Concept and Rules

What We're Here For

We want this to be a place to play out plots in the Phantom of the Opera universe. Any of them. Dig the 2004 ALW movie? Cool. Think the movie sucks and want to play with more musical or book based cast members? Awesome. Want to play around in the Robert Englund slasher Phantom universe? Sweet. If you can get people to play with you, whatever you want to do is fine.

How this place will work

There are two options. Either you can make a post for your character and have them interact with whoever tags that post in the usual dressing room way. Or, you can make a post on the plot post with a specific idea you want to play out. For example, you want to see what it would be like if, instead of swinging his sword around like a loser for a minute, Raoul and Erik made a bet over Christine ala Devil Take The Hindmost while in that mirror room. Make a post, get an Erik/Raoul to play it off of, and off you jolly well go.


Alternates of Characters
We probably don't want more than one of a character in a specific plot or story, but the point of this place is to have a lot of choices for playing out plots. Then again, if you want to have an Erik party where they all angst and play music together, have fun with that.

Original Characters
Sure, bring in your very own character. For general purposes, as long as they fit in the PotO universe, it's cool. Just remember: if you post with your lovely lady who is just the bestest singer ever and she is beautiful and perfect and everything, don't expect Erik every man to fall for her. Be aware that characters may have their own agendas, and forceful attempts to get a character to fall for yours may result in getting shanked by Erik negative reactions.

Fandom AU's and People Who Fit In The PotO Universe
For now, like OC's, we'll allow characters from other fandoms as long as they fit in the universe. Having Sherlock Holmes come around to investigate the mysterious Opera Ghost could be fun. Having giant alien robots smashing the place up, while amusing, could get old really fast. If you can rewrite your favored character so that they have a place in the Phantom universe, then come on in. Powers will have to be mostly dampened, if not completely taken out, unless you think you have a fun idea for a plot involving your character's powers.

Godmoding, being a jerk, messing up other people's plots, etc.
Don't do it. The mod has never modded anything before and thinks this ban button looks awfully shiny and fun to push. Seriously, though, don't be a douchebag, or we will call the internet police on you and consequences will never be the same.

Respecting The Preferences of Other People
As you might be aware, there is a lot of animosity in the phandom; animosity fueled by hate for one version/character/pairing/type of fan or another. This probably falls under the previous note, but I thought this was an important distinction to bring up. I want this to be a relatively wank-free environment, so please don't take up arms against your fellow players because of their preferences. I know it's a little much to ask that this be a happy little utopia of phans where there is no suffering and everyone is happy, but we can be civil, right? If someone asks for or suggests a plot/pairing/whatever that isn't relevant to your interests, politely say so. If someone turns your idea down, don't turn around and bitch about them. It's okay if you don't like Love Never Dies or the 2004 Joel Schumacher movie. It's okay if you do. It's okay if you like Erik/Christine, or Raoul/Christine, or Erik/Raoul/Christine, or whoever/someone else. It's okay if you don't like it. We're not here to bicker and argue over how Michael Crawford is the best Erik ever, whether or not Gerard Butler can sing, how horrible you think Love Never Dies is, or how much you hate Raoul. I swear, if the last one comes up, I will bite people.

tl;dr Let's be friends, your kink/canon/pairing is not my kink/canon/pairing, it's okay to say no, don't get discouraged if someone does say no, all you need is love.

Rules can and will be added if necessary. Questions and comments can be left here, or brought up with me privately at daishutian on aim.

Not Exactly Rules Or Actual Questions But They Warrant Saying Anyway

I want to play RIGHT NOW. How do I go about this?
Simple. Just pick your character/location/time/other setting stuff, start a post like this one, and wait for comments. You can start playing as soon as you sign up. There is no waiting period.

I have an idea for a plot I want to play out with my character. How does I make plot babby?
Head on over to our plot post and write out your idea in a comment with what character(s) you need to make this dream a reality. If there are interested parties, you can continue onto making a post and playing out your plot.

I hope this doesn't happen often, but if no one shows up, or if you need a character that no one plays, I'm thinking of making an NPC account to fill in empty character slots. This is a place of wish fulfillment, dammit, so let's get this crap written. Of course, I can't guarantee the accuracy of an NPC, but I hope it would be better than nothing.

Genderbends? Children? What is this, a crack game?
No. My fellow mod and I just want to explore strange and impossible takes on the Phantom story. Maybe other people do too. We're up for less cracky things as well.

Can't you just write fanfiction like everyone else?
We could, but we like the shared experience that roleplaying gives us. Also, I personally believe it helps keep everyone in character if there's other characters to keep you in check.
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